Chinese and Oriental Event Props Hire, Room Dressing, Entertainments for Parties, Functions, Exhibitions and Celebrations.
Mostly original craftsman made items from china ..
Specials acquired or made to order .. Dry Hire on some items, or with delivery and collection direct to your venue
.... e mail us for a full price list specific to your event : info@chinese-theme-props.co.uk

see full details on this page by section

Original Hong Kong Rickshaw for hire Hong Kong Rickshaw

Giant Chopsticks Hire Giant 4M Chopstick

Large gold Foo Dogs Lions Hire
Huge Gold Foo Dogs/Lions Pair

Life Size 'Happy'Buddha

Chinese Market Barrow Hire
Market Cart

Chinese Dragon Dance Drums for Hire
Chinese Drums Pair

NEW Pair Huge Gold 2M high ( 6ft 3") Chinese Lion/Foo Dogs

Make a great entrance feature at any event, suitable for use indoors or outside. For purely practical reason this item is in fibreglass to make it possible to move it around, delivered on wheeled trolley (55kg each)
Lion/Dog is in antique Gold colour .. detailed moulding and very effective. 75 " Tall
(these are a new addition and we do not have any 'in location' pictures yet)

Large gold Foo Dogs Lions Hire

Pair 4ft Tall Chinese Lion/Foo Dogs

. Will grace the entrance or make a great feature at any event, suitable for use indoors or outside. For purely practical reason this item is in fibreglass to make it possible to move it around, delivered on wheeled trolley (45kg each)
Lion/Dog is in antique Gold colour with a black plinth .. detailed moulding and very effective. 48" x 39" x 28"

Chinese Lions HIRE

1 off Pair Available

Single Foo Dog/Lion
5ft Tall ... Will grace the entrance or make a great feature at any event, suitable for use indoors or outside. For purely practical reason this item is in fibreglass to make it possible to move it around, delivered on wheeled trolley, requires 2 persons to move manually.
Lion/Dog is in antique Gold colour with a grey stone effect plinth .. detailed moulding
and very effective
1 off available

LARGE Stone (Effect) Foo Dog

4ft x 3ft x 2ft Temple Foo Dog. Very realistic (real stone) weathered limestone finish, but actually fibreglass/resin replica moulded in China and imported to UK. Sits on a large plinth
Large Chinese Lion .. Hire

1 off available


Wooden Carved 'scary/garish' Lions
Pair (slightly different pose) of Hand carved and painted wooden Lions/Guardians. These Large feature piecesare now on 1.2M x 0.6M x 0.2M black plinths. These look great when lit and there unconventional styling will suit some situations perfectly

Chinese Lions Foo Dogs


Foo Dogs Statues LARGE !

Total weight 50Kg (without plinths) Pair (left and right) of large 55cm high and heavy beautifully detailed and ornate Foo Dogs .. traditional guardians of the temple.
ideal for the entrance to your event.

Chinese Props  .. Foo Dogs on Plinths

Foo Dogs at Event

Foo Dogs Statues Smaller

Traditional temple guardians. These 2 beautiful Foo dogs are 18" high x 11" deep by 8" wide. Look fantastic on the bar or top table or can be supplied on 36" high black, red and gold plinths to guard the entrance to your event. Available with bamboo plants (6ft for extra height and impact)

Chinese Props Foo Dogs Entrance Feature Hire Foo Dogs on Plinths Hire

Foo Dogs Hire

Fibreglass and Enamel three dimensional panels .. Dragon and Phoenix

Traditional facing Dragon and Phoenix Designs. Overall dimensions each 1.25M width x 1M height x 25cm depth. Weight only approx 12kg each (hollow fibreglass backing) Made in China by Chinese craftsmen, soft gold and enamel colours on dramatic relief base.
These can be very easily hung from suitable rigging or bars (above a stage, against wall or marquee side. Can be used indoors or outside

Chinese Large decorative Lion Panel for hanging at events, productions and parties. Hire from Chinese Theme Props
Pair of extra large hanging Dragon and Phoenix sculptures for Hire .. Lightweight
Dragon Panel for decoration .. Chinese Theme Props Phoenix panel for decoration ... Chinese Theme Props

Terracotta Warriors (4 off)

Fibreglass versions, 6ft high on plinths ... useful for use where the heavier ones would be difficult to access, or outside in all weathers.

4 available

Terracotta Warriors (Made in authentic Terracotta as a match for originals)

Spectacular 1.7M high (6ft on plinth) Terracotta Warrior .. hand made by artisans in China as a 90% size detailed replica of the originals... using exactly the same manufacturing techinques and masterials. Looks and feels 100% authentic, ideal for close up
Placed on its new 20cm high plinth , it is at eye-eye level. The plinth extends slightly at the front and includes 2 off 50watt Halogen uplighters
2 off currently in stock.. more available (6 weeks notice) .
Material: Terracotta Weight: 70Kg EACH

Terracotta Warrior Hir
Terracotta Warrior

2 available

Single Terracotta warrior Head
A life size casting with a flat base , ideal general decorative item

Giant Sized Gong

Call them to Dinner or get their attention with this 5ft high Gong. Beautifully decorated and with an orchestral quality 26" Tam Tam Gong and beater. Its real, its Loud !

Chinese Gong   Oriental Hire

Table or Smaller Floor Gong
34" high x 34" wide with Dragon detailing, looks great and works really well. Not as loud as the gongs above or below

Table Top or smaller Floor standing Gong

Hand Held Gong
Call them to Dinner or get their attention with this 14" Dia Gong. Solid Bronze, thick and heavy it has a sound out of all proportion to its size. Often used to accompany the Lion or Dragon dance
Gong and beater.

Chinese Oriental Tam Tam Gong for Hire

Small Table Top Gong
10" x 10" x 4" only.. ideal for the top table as a decrative item. Works and has its own paded hammer, but of course not very loud !

Small Lacquered Gong Hire

Asian Style Dragon Gong
5ft x 2ft 6" on a contemporary frame with a carved Dragon

Contemporary Style Dragon Gong Hire

Rhythmn Cymbals
12" diameter cymbals in pairs used to accompany Lion, dragon and other performers

Chinese rhythm Cymbals in pairs to accompany dance .. for Hire

Drum Large .. Traditional Chinese Drum
Substantial original item 1.1m x .8m skin diameter. On solid stand and with professional beater for use

Chinese drum

Large Pair of Chinese Drums on stands.

Fantastic looking pair of Dragon Dance drums 1m high, 88cm Circumference, Complete with 'Beaters' These drums are real and can be played

Chinese Dragon Dance Drums for Hire
Dragon Dance Drums Hire Chinese Theme Props Red Chinese Dragon Dance Drums 1M High

Chinese Antique Temple Drum on Ornate Stand

An original antique painted chinese temple drum on a Dragon carved stand in traditional colours. Terrific detail and decoration and in excellent condition. Stands approx 5ft high (1.70m) x 4ft wide by 2ft deep

ENORMOUS Oriental Drum
(Thunder Drum)
THIS ITEM IS NOW FOR SALE ... please contact us for details

This original item is shown next to the caravan to give you some idea of its size. the Drum itself is 2.2M diameter x 2.4M long with a 2M skin on both ends. Painted overall with a gold dragon design
Its called a Thunder drum for the room shaking deep sound that it makes. We belive the natural skins to be 'elephant'

Is a special and spectacular musical instrument .. or an amazing prop and room dressing

The Drum is delivered on a seperate trailer to allow positioning on its cradle in-situ. Please be aware that although the drum is not that heavy, it is akward and you will need at least 4 strong crew to take the drum from its transport trailer and lift onto the cradle. The cradle is on large casters so can be pushed around the venue / on-off stage as required by a single person.
Also you need to check that there is suitable access into your venue!
Supplied with 2 large beaters

This is a significant item to move around .. please check directly with us for the price for your location/duration

Chinese Drum for Hire ... Musical Instrument or spectacular prop  www.chinese-theme-props.co.uk

Chinese Props HUGE Chinese Drum for Hire ... Musical Instrument or spectacular prop  www.chinese-theme-props.co.u Oriental Thunder Drum for Hire ... Musical Instrument or spectacular prop  www.chinese-theme-props.co.u

Large Temple Candle Stands (Pair)

Stunning pair of original antique candle stands from a Chinese Temple. They stand 6ft (2M ) tall without the extra 1ft height of the set of 3 candles in each holder (each candle 3" x 9") Very heavily carved on the base (both sides) as well as around the candle sconce. Coloured in traditional red with gold gilding on hardwood. Very solid and stable base supports.

Chinese Temple Huge Candlesticks  Props for Hire at www.chinese-theme-props.co.uk Temple Candle Stick .. Pair

1 x Pair available

Giant Dragon and Lion Dance Flags on Poles

72" traditional ornate embroidered flags on poles (20 feet) ... on a free standing supporting stand .. or loose. For thousands of years, flags and banners were used to signal troops and to announce the presence of generals. Flags add the color, pomp and circumstance important occasions warrant
Also available without poles to use as drapes.
2 Flags in different colourways ... more available

Parade Flags for Hire Parade flags against building

Chinese Props Parade Flags in Stand for Hire

Large Fans on Stands

60" Diameter hand painted 'Gold' reflective fans. Mounted atop free standing 60" high stands so the fans are at head height. With just a 12" deep footprint and heavy flat bases are ideal for placing along corridors and walls as well a feature items in their own right.
Each Fan has a slightly different design in Gold
84 " high, 50" width 12" depth

Gold Fans on Stands 4 Hire
Chinese event decoration, Gold Fans on Stands

Giant Fans
2 off stunning 3.8M dia floor standing Fans, Hand painted (see the uplighter for scale)
Giant Oriental Fans 3.8Metres Dia

Giant Fan 3.8Mtr Dia Giant Fans

Sideboard' Fans
Approx 5ft Diameter Fans .. with wooden stands. As shown ideal for sideboards and sidetable locations.

Blossom Trees

9ft High multi branch blossom trees with 600 LED blossoms on each tree
Hung with 15 miniature Lanterns
2 off available

Blossom Tree Hire


Beautiful hand decrated Bamboo and Paper parasols in a variety of colour ways. 1M diameter for floor decoration or light enough to hang
Dozens Available

Pastel coloured parasols 0.8M diam for floor, table or light enough to hang decoration. Big selection of pastel shades
Dozens available

Pastel Coloured Parasols ... Hire Parasols for Chinese / Oriental events
Pastel coloured parasols ... Hire Chinese Parasol Hire

Over 100 Parasols in Stock .. more available

Giant Parasol

These monster traditional paper parasols are over 6ft6" Diameter (2M). Ideal for floor standing or possibly to be hung. Light it from in front, behind or below with our uplighters !

Giant Panda Life Size

Approx max dimensions:- 154 cm x 67cm x 108cm A superbly detailed life-size and extremely life-like Panda model, this Panda walking on all fours looks great on its own or better with a few Bamboo plants

Antique Chinese Acupuncture Statue

Ancient 6ft high (including plinth) Statue used for training of Acupuncture. Makes a fantastic and unusual (interractive) decorative piece. Carved from a single log and covered in a thin layer of plaster .. symbols and holes for acupuncture needles. We include 2 dozen 4" needles for decoration and 'use'. Will look spectacular when lit.

Chinese Acupuncture Statue 5ft Tall  www.chinese-theme-props.co.uk  HIRE

Freestanding Lanterns

ILLUMINATED (mains powered) rectangular, floostanding white 'paper' colums ...30cm x 20cm x 1.3m High, with chinese characters

Chinese Prop Hire White with Chinese Characters Illuminated lights Oriental Prop hire


Floating Illuminated Waterlilles

The LED battery-operated water lily light is truly delightful. Pop it into a pond or pool and the lily gently floats on the surface.
It is pretty enough in the day, but at night the light comes into its own, simply switch on and watch the colours gently changing from white, to pink, blue, and green - stunning for summer parties.

Floating water Lillies Candles Feature .. on Plinths

Huge 26" diameter brass bowl with Chinese images and text engravings.
On Tall 4 ft high red, Black and Gold lettering plinth
Water filled and with floating scented Water Lilly Candles
Ideal either side of a doorway or stairs (?)

Also available on lower plinths and with LED lit Water Lillies

Bamboo Bird Cages

Bamboo Bird Cage with 2 Red and Pink Finches.
20" high by 14" x 14". Can be stood on a table or hung, Very effective, very traditional
2 off natural currently in stock
Bamboo Bird Cage with 3 Yellow Finches.
28" high by 14" x 14". Can be stood on a table or hung, Very effective, very traditional1 off Black and 1 off Red currently in stock
32" Brass Bird Cage with 4 birds 1 off currently in stock

Vintage (antique original) small Bird Cages .. with porcelain feeders and 1 or 2 birds in each .............. 6 Available
30cm x 20cm (approx varies)

3 specific bamboo bird cage stands .. 2 X 5ft High 1 x 4ft High

Vintage Chinese Bird Cages .. hire Vintage Bamboo Bird Cage .. Hire

Vintage Chinese Bamboo Bird Cages

Chinese Prop Hire Bird Cage Hire .. Chinese

Chinese Bamboo Bird Cage for Hire

Chinese Bird Cage  HIRE Chinese Bird Cages

Cricket / Grasshopper Antique Cage

A unique item this original and decent sized skilfully hand crafted rough wood and Bamboo cage for crickets/Grasshoppers (kept for the sound) is more realistic thanks to the 9cm artificial Grasshopper inside.
Overall size 23cm x 23cm .. can be standing or hung

Chinese Cricket/Grasshopper Cage Hire

Incense Burners

A great low cost way to add real 'atmosphere' to your event
Incense Ashtrays for every table, same shape but different designs. For use with shorter incense sticks
Also limited quantities of larger brass burners (with sand) for long incense sticks
A large selection of different 'smells of incense
12 off 'ashtrays' currently in stock
12 off Bamboo Incense pots with graphics in stock
3 off brass burners currently in stock

Chinese / Oriental Incense burners for Hire

Waiter / Waitress/Bar / Staff Uniforms
61 Pieces ,enough for most events

Womens Staff Jackets.
Extremely smart and very high quality
10 pcs Medium (UK 8-10)
17 pcs Large (UK 10-12)

Chinese Oriental waitress Uniforms Hire Chinese Oriental Waitress Staff Uniforms Oriental Chinese Waitress Staff Uniforms Hire

Mens Staff Jackets

Classic Chinese Reversible Red/Black. Sleeves turn up to alternative colour. Patch pockets on both sides
34 pieces (42-44 chest) Measure 46-49 across chest when closed

Chinese Function Staff Waiter Uniforms
Chinese Waiter Uniform waiter Uniform Hire
Staff Uniforms Chinese Oriental Events

Host / Compere Costume

Chinese Mandarin Dynasty Costume for a Nobleman in full attire.
Hand made in China and 100% authentic.... looks stunning.
Available as a costume to wear. Sized to fit most people this is the item for the master of ceremonies to wear.
Available on Mannequin as shown as display piece
Many other special (opera)costumes available (4 weeks notice required )

1 off currently in stock

Laughing Buddah Costume
the laughing Buddah is the 'Jester' in parades, dances and performances. Traditionally teasing and taunting the Lion or Dragon with his fan

Paper Mache lightweight head, Fan, Universal fitting traditional yellow coat

Chinese Props  Buddah Costume for Hire

Coolie Hats

24" dia traditional 'Coolie' Hats
8 off currently in stock more available

Coolie Hats .. Hire

Costumes and Kimono
contact us for specific sizings

High quality heavy stage type costume with 3/4 length orange trousers and black hat with poytail
Fancy Dress/ Stage costume Aladdin .. with hat. (womens size 10)

Silky Type Kimonos, with tye waist. Dragon Embroidery on front and heavily on back.

Japanese Happi jacket, Embroidered on rear
Mens silky 'SUIT' with trousers, lined jacket

Cotton Kimonos with Chinese Characters

'Kung Fu Jackets

Ideal for event staff ... just add black trousers. Button up to neck height
(fit up to 43" chest)
8 off currently in stock, more available

Food Service Station Frames and Decoration

... for 6ft and 12ft table run .. elegant, stylish , practical
Twinkling LED lighting wrapped around end frames

Chinese Food Service area

2 off sets as shown AvailableBasic set up consists of 2 off black end frames (self supporting) with white LED light strings wrapped around, static or twinkling lights. 2 Bamboo plants in pots, 2M or 4M long 3" diameter bamboo pole with 2 Red large LED lit lanterns.
Units dDesigned to fit around 1 or 2 x 6ft standard tables

To this standard set up we can provide a host of decoration and extras
Tables (if you do not supply your own)
Linen (if you do not supply your own)
Table Runners
LED lit lanterns along the Bamboo pole
Full props dressing, with plants, stutues, Oriental pots and bowls etc etc from our huge selection.
Chinese Event Props 1 of 2 shown ..Chinese Food or Bar station
Frames around 2 x 6ft tables length
Frames and decoration around 1 x 6ft tables length .. show in daylight and without cloths for clarity OTHER FOOD STATIONS
Here is a picture of a 'mock up idea' for a contemporary 'rustic' styled Food Service Station, using some of our range of props

Mock Up of a contemporary rickshaw based stall/food service

Food station with Buddha, Counter and Bamboo

Rustic Chinese Food Service Station

Food service station using bamboo frame, parasol roof, baskets, bamboo counter top, long scroll, festoon lighting, signage, single bamboo greenery, bird cage and cone hat .. example of what we can create.

and a design based on our 'Cart'

Bamboo Barriers

6ft long by 9" high 6 off available, ideal for path edging and low level barriers/surrounds 6 off currently in stock

Bamboo Barrier Pieces for hire Bamboo Barrier pieces used as stage / performance area perimeter

Terracotta Warriors Artefacts Collection

From China.. craftsman made scaled down reproductions of items being displayed at the British Museum. Ideal for Bar and Food service area decoration as well as table centres
Various 7" - 14" High
20 available

Hanging Ornaments

40" - 20" long hanging heavily ornate Hanging Decorations .. Approx 50 sets assorted styles available in a variety of designs

Chinese Hanging Decorations

Lucky Cats
An army of Lucky Cats, with waving arms. Approx 8" high
Battery powered
Over 200 in stock ... more available

Chinese Prop Hire ... an army of Lucky Cats
Lucky Cats Hire

Gold 'Pillows' Decoration
18" High traditional decorative stack of Gold Ingots
1 off available

TableTop Fans and Decoration

- A selection of 18" (approx) diameter fans on stands, various designs for decoration
6off .. more available
- Circular Palace Fans on stands (22cm dia)
10off .. more available
- Statues
Gold Buddah and Kimono Lady 14" high
1 off each

TableTop Fans and Decoration Gold Buddah statue for Hire
Kimono Lady Statuette for Hire

Street Vendor Dumpling/Noodle Cart.
Mid century, used by street vendors to heat and sell Noodles and Dumplings across Asia. Lower section contains charcoal for heating, centre section keeps food and bowls warm, top section for serving and condiments. This unit is complete with all its accessories and contains also the ty[pical items when in use for authenticity. Height approx 1.6M x 40cm x 50cm. Weight approx 15kg


Vintage Wok Set ... Complete set with stand and all tools, in steel and traditional materials. Use as a prop, not for cooking

Vintage Steel Wok Set CHINESE PROPS HIRE

Huge Bamboo Steamer
large bamboo steamer in 4 sections for decoration/display or as serving ite. excellent clean condition, never used for cooking. Tennis Ball for scale
(we have lots of other steamers in all sizes for decorative purposes)

Water Carriers Chinese/Japanese
Traditional hand made 'coopered' style buckets with iron fittings and symbols down the sides. Ideal as decoration or perfect as Ice/drinks buckets as part of your food presentation

Oriental Chinese Water Buckets

Bamboo Place Settings
Set of 4 bamboo place settings for decoration or service use. Each setting is 14" wide by 9" deep. In excellent condition

Bamboo / Chinese Place Settings

Set of 8 square bamboo place settings for decoration, food area or service use. Each setting is 10" wide by 10 " x 2" deep. In excellent condition .. includes 3 circular bamboo mats

Bamboo Place Setting Trays .. Chinese Props Hire

Set of 3 round Chinese Wicker trays fordecoration, food area or service use
35cm x 45cm (largest tray size)

Crockery Set

Assortment of 6Serving Bowls, Tea Cups, Other bowls,Serving spoons, spoons and chopsticks etc .. approx 48 pieces in total Traditional chinese decorative pattern. For decoration not service

Chinese Traditional design crockery set Hire

Selection of styles .. typical height 9" .. 4" x 4"
6 different designs
12 currently in Stock

TableWare Sets
Loads of ... Ricebowl, Dipping Bowl, Mats, Chopsticks .. mini steamers and lots more
for decoration Not service !


Lion Dance

Traditional Lion Dance with 2 highly trained chinese acrobats inside. With fantastic music (Live or recorded) their 10 minute routines get everybodies attention. As entertainment goes for a Chinese themed event this is the place to start . Will usually do 2 off routines during an evening dinner or function plus 'meet and greet'.

Lion Dance for events and parties
Lion Dance
Lion Dance Performers Display

Muscians (Traditional)

Add some live traditional music to your event, background, during a reception or to accompany a Lion Dance or other performance. We can supply from one to a dozen highly accomplished performers on a wide range of instruments

Chinese Musicians for events

Origami (st)

Instead of table hopping magic have table hopping Origami instead. A mixture of demonstration to 'have a go' and a 'favour' for guests to take home (such as Panda shown here).

Presented by the Uk's master origamist with style and flair



The beauty and simplicity of Japanese calligraphy is a true eye-catcher. Megumi is able to translate a name and using a black brush-tip pen, write it onto a white/gold speckled card bookmarker (usual personalised gift) which is adorned with a short length of golden ribbon (the colour gold representing royalty, strength and wealth) and a red kanji stamp of her name (which means blessing). The meaning of the guests name is written onto the back of the bookmarker. For example, the name James means, nurturing a dream of prosperity.

Calligraphy is an extremely clean and self-contained presentation, therefore making it ideal for any sort of occasion Guests will marvel at the skills shown

Place markers need not be the same tired old white card. Why not make something truly unique that will be a lasting souvenir for the family or guests. Or commemorate an anniversary, birthday or wedding with a sentiment that you invent and Megumi will deliver a unique gift from Japan

Oriental Illusionists

Spectacular 'Oriental themed' Illusionists performance from a world class act that headline everywhere. 30 minutes of the most amazing magic to spell bind your guests with big box illusions, music, flair ,lots of laughs and even a stunning levitation. There are no special staging requirements for this act ... Highly reccommended

Link to showreel available. Please contact us

Oriental Illusionists
Oriental Illusionists

Face Changer

Biàn Lian; literally "Face-Changing" is an ancient Chinese dramatic art that is part of the more general Sichuan Opera . Performers wear brightly colored costumes and move to quick, dramatic music. They also wear vividly colored masks which they change within a fraction of a second
This is a very rare and traditional art of which there are very few exponents worldwide. This is a unique act your guests will not have seen before !

Face Changer for Chinese Events

Chinese Oriental Stiltwalker

A unique meet and greet addition for your event.
Mysterious and timeless beauties. Walkabout and meet and greet entertainment or even as part of a stage show. Ideal for bringing to your event a touch of Chinese culture.


Walking, Talking, Living Tables

A unique meet and greet addition for your event.
Mysterious and timeless beauties. Walkabout and meet and greet entertainment or even as part of a stage show. Ideal for bringing to your event a touch of Chinese culture.

Designed to come along with their own oriental sounds that have been installed in the costume if so desired.
Also available, 'Geisha Girls' Living Tables

Walking, Talking, Living Tables

Chinese Acrobats

Foot Juggling (shown), Balancing, Diablo are just some of a range of traditional Chinese Circus skills. Most artists will do 2 performances of different skills during your function. Most guests will never have seen these unique skills

Individual artists will usually do 2 performance of seperate skills


Foot Juggler Ribbon Dance

Kung Fu Dragon Dance


Great fun to don the outrageous padded costumes for your own bout on the padded ring under the watchful eye of the referee. Probably even more fun as a spectator sport for thoe watching !

Childrens Size Costumes available

Sumo Wrestling for Chinese / Oriental Events

Temporary Tattoos

A 'souvenir' to take home and impress your friends
Traditional designs, symbols and messages. Temporary Tattoos can be washed off quickly or with a little care will usually last up to 3 days


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e mail us for a price list .....info@chinese-theme-props.co.uk
Full specifications, dimensions, weight materials as well as larger and more specific pictures available for all items .. please call or e mail us



Extra Large Silky Lanterns
we can now offer extra large lanterns at a massive 54" diameter (170" Circumferance) and 40" diameter (125" Circumferance). As these are substantially plain they are generally suitable for lights to be included. These units are not suitable to be sent by courier, so delivery by ourselves only. The larger Lanterns weight is about 2kg. If for use outdoors then not available for hire, sale only
Please note that the assembly system on this means a total drop height of Approx 80" The 42" has a different mechanism and can be hung tight against the ceiling or fixing point

52" diameter and 42" Diameter
Silky Lanterns all sizes
Assorted Silky 52" - 16"
Chinese Lanterns Hire ... here shown on Bamboo Grid

Round Lanterns.(below) .. very light, clothes hanger type hook on top for easy hanging. Available plain or decorated. In traditional Red / Gold

Chinese Props Lanterns for Hire

Approx 150 off 10/12" Diameter in stock
Approx 10 off 24 " Diameter in stock
Approx 12 off 16 " Diameter in stock
Approx 16 off 6 " Diameter in stock

Silky Lanterns .. lightweight, extended 'umbrella' type assembly.Decorated and plain in traditional Red/Gold

Chinese Props Hire  Silky Lanterns Hire

Approx 8 off 52 " Diameter in stock
Approx 24 off 40 " Diameter in stock
Approx 36 off 24 " Diameter in stock
Approx 46 off 16 " Diameter in stock
Approx 36 off 10 " Diameter in stock


Elongated hanging Lanterns .. all in Red/Decorated as per the pictures.
Available in 3 sizes . Adds variety to any room decoration, you will see that these Lanterns form exceptionally well into long strings for hanging

Approx 24+ off 60 x 30cm (24" x 12") in stock
Approx 60+ off 55 x 25 cm in stock
Approx 50+ off 50 x 20cm in stock
Approx 30+ off 40 x 15cm in stock

Vinyl Japanese Sushi Lanterns
Elongated hanging Lanterns .. all in White/Decorated as per the pictures.
Available in 1 sizes . Adds variety to any room decoration, you will see that these Lanterns form exceptionally well into long strings for hanging
All Lanterns 25cm Diameter x 50cm drop (excluding hanging handle)

Japanese Sushi Lantern Hire

Approx 75+ off 50 x 25 cm in stock

Street Lamps (for indoors or outside)
Very substantial 3.8M high Bamboo Chinese Street Lamp... 2 crossbars.
On very heavy duty and stable bases these are suitable for locations Indoors or outside. Come with 16" Dia Silky Lanterns as standard, including powerful 12LED battery powered (24hour) light inside. Can alternatively be dressed with other of our single or multiple Lantern options and other decorative hanging items on the cross bars.
These very impressive lighting elements can also be very effictively linked by our 'festoon lighting strings'

There are 4 of these lights available .. ideal in many locations

Better pictures including night illuminated shots coming shortly

Lamps can use many of our other Lanterns .. individually or in strings. Palace Lanterns Indoors only !


Lanterns on Bamboo Poles (very popular item)

Freestanding 7ft high bamboo pole frames with ILLUMINATED Lanterns. For OUTSIDE as well as INDOOR use. Can be fitted with a range of our lanterns for different effects.Each Lantern has a 12LED powerful lamp inside for safe outdoor use

Chinese Props Bamboo Lanterns Hire
Twin illuminated lanterns on freestanding Bamboo Poles

Illuminated Lanterns on Poles
8 Off Single Lanterns available (more available)
2 Off Double Lanterns available

Wall of Lanterns
Heavy Duty steel plate bases support a 3M high by 4M wide wall of 40 Lanterns. A great feature when possibly hanging lanterns is impossible. This configuration is infinatly variable, with gaps in Lanterns for props or other features. Can be angled from 1.2M at one end to 3M at other.
2M wide wall (3M high) can make ideal 'door surrounds/entrance' feature .. lanterns to floor each side of door and single row above.

Wall of Lanterns Chinese Event Decoration Hire from Chinese Theme Props

Bamboo Tripods supporting Lantern wall with Bamboo Plants. Another attractive variation 2.9M high x 4.5M width. 30 Lanterns

Chinese Event Decoration Hire .. Chinese Theme Props

Chinese Event Decoration Hire Chinese Event Decoration .. Hire

We can manufacture variations to suit your circumstances... from our large stock of poles

Different Shape (Tulip) Traditional Lanterns
you will see from the picture that these 10" dia lanterns are of a different design, with extra tassells around the body. They also come in a variety of pastel colours, ideal for more subbtle settings like Wedding decoration.

Approx 120 off 60cm x 30cm in stock, mix of 5 colours

Oriental/Vietnamese Silk Lanterns
45cm diameter, Same colour Tassels All flame retardent treated. Currently strung with unused buttonlights

Coloured Silk Lanterns Hire

Asian Lanterns Hire
90 off
20+ off each of 4 colours, very beautiful

Festival Paper Lanterns
disposable (sale) item ... ideal for hanging in trees and bushes outdoors. Big mixture of styles, decoration and colours. ideal for Tea lights

Festival Lanterns at Chinese-Theme-Props Hire

Palace Lanterns Large Elegant 18 inch diameter x 24" height hand-painted glass/wood palace lantern. (landscapes and flowers design on glass). Simple hanging hook with powerful 12LED battery powered low wattage internal illumination if required.

16 off currently in stock

Palace Lantern Chinese Hand Painted Palace Lanterns for Hire Chinese Theme
Palace Lanterns for Hire ... Chinese-Theme-Props

Mini Lanterns
40mm dia mini lanterns .. with and without mini LED light inside, lots of uses
80 off currently in stock, more available

mini LED lanterns

Lantern Fixings
We can advise on suitable fixing/hanging methods in Marquees
For normal smooth ceilings we have shopfitting hangers.. self adhesive hooks, with various lengths of adjustable hanging wires

ceiling fixings for lightweight Lanterns

Festoon Lighting
48ft lengths of Commercial custom made Festton lighting, each with 24 dropped sockets and 15w bulbs. Fully waterproof for hanging outdoors or Inside. For fixing from existing structures or our heavy duty bases and 3M aluminium poles. Strings typically hung with 12 inch diameter Lanterns at 4ft Intervals (alternate lights). Strings can be connected together easily with special connections
Items available:
48ft String with 24 bulbs and 12 Lanterns ... 4 off
50M extensions lead for remote locations ..
3M uprights and very heavy duty bases ... 12 off
Replacement Bulbs
Additional Lanterns over bare bulbs
Hanging service poa subject to situation

Festoon Lighting Chinese

Tulip Lanterns

We like to hang these from 22ft long arched poles, enabling us to get them over the guests and add height where usual overhead hanging is not possible. 15" dia x 24" depth in 2 colour choices. 6 Arching pole sets available.

Tulip Shaped Lanterns ... Hire Tulip shaped lanterns on 6M arched poles

Strings of Lanterns
all lights run various on/off/flahing/chasing patterns as required

Lanterns with lights (2"dia) in 12ft string ... standard plug
20+ sets in stock,

Lanterns with lights (2"dia) in 12ft string ... standard plug
10+ sets in stock

Oversize Wall/Standard Lamps

Dramatic pair of lights available for wall mounting directly as part of TV/Stage set or supplied with 2M high freestanding 'standard' type basis for free positioning. The Lamps are mains powered and 24" height x 17" diameter. Painted wood and milk acrylic panels they are totally unique.
Come fitted with one green and 1 red standard bayonet bulbs .. but fit your own easily to suit

2 in stock .. no more available

Table Lamps
Particuarly Large Wooden Table Lamp. 65cm high x 30cm x 30cm
mains lighting inside

only 1 available

Pair of unusual design Table Lamps
...mains powered 600 mm high


Large Bamboo and Silk Lanterns 2 off large bamboo and silk dressed lanterns. Approx 1.2M height b 1.3M diameter. Fitted with chains for hanging and interor fittings for 2 x lights

Wire Lanterns .. Japanese style

Black wire Lanterns, suitable for inside or outside use. Ideal for use at an entrance, on steps, marking a path or hanging in trees. 36cm tall and fitted with battery powered flickering candles .
8 of these currently in stock, more available

Briar House Caldbec Hill Battle East Sussex TN330JR
T: 01424775450 M: 07850311202
e mail us for a price list .....info@chinese-theme-props.co.uk

Pairs of Lanterns on Stands

2 Pairs of large traditional lanterns on Candelabra type stands. Stands are different designs but Lanterns are at exactly same height and width spread so make a great pair. Total height approx 6ft, width 2ft 6" Can be either mains powered lights or our powerful battery powered LED system

Chinese Lanterns on Candelabra stands FOR HIRE

2 off as shown Available

LARGE Hanging Decoration .. Firecrackers
Traditional Firecrackers Hanging Decoration 48"

In Stock:
30+ x Sets 48inch as below
6 x Larger Sets
8 x Smaller and Mini Sets

Chinese Firecracker Decorations HIRE

Chinese Firecracker HIRE


NEW Enormous Pair of 12ft (3.9M) long wooden chopsticks

... Significant decoration piece, beautifully crafted in solid wood and beautifully decorated. 100mm square at base, 50mm diameter at point. Can be used 'crossed' as an entrance feature, simply leaned against a wall, laying on floor resting on bamboo chopstick rest. certainly has a wow factor. The decoration on the handle end is a proverb from Confuscious 'Everyone Eats and Drinks: Yet only Few appreciate the taste of Food'

Giant Chopsticks Hire

Large Set of Chopsticks
A set of 42" long hardwood chopsticks will add a dash of fun to any room or table decoration, as well as photo shoots


Super Large Standing Buddha

Standing .. 2M (6ft 3" Tall) standing 'Laughing Buddha' in antique Gold Colour. This is a fibreglass replica that is amazingly impressive and realistic, but can still be easily moved by 1 person on a trolley. Great for an entrance or behind that Buddha Bar. Can be further raised on one of our various plinths.

Buddah, Gold Seated
Approx 1m high gold Buddah ... perfect condition, medium weight,
metallic finish (NOT stone or Polystyrene).

Buddha .. Chinese Props Hire

Plinth is fully covered in fabric 18" x 30" x 40" high ... with optional red runner
1 off as shown Available

Buddha Heads on Stands

Pair of large Buddha heads on high stands. Ideal to be placed eith side of an entrance or stage area. Total Height 1.85M (6ft)


Large Buddah Statues on Plinths

Standing Buddha holding a pearl in each hand. Made of coloured resin with a weighted base - 33" high - 25kgs weight each

Very dramatic and impressive feature item
This pair of Statues, can be supplied on plinths, tables or your own fixtures/locations (also available singly)

Oriental Chinese Prop HireBuddah Statues for Chinese / Oriental themed events ... Hire

2 off currently in stock

Weathered Gold Buddha Heads

Patinated effect Buddha Heads approx 18" high x 18" wide x 10" depth

Buddha Heads Hire

Glossy Buddha Heads

3 off of these available 2ft (63cm) High x 22cm x 22cm . Lightweight and very adaptable on shelf, plinth or stand (more available

Buddha Heads Hire

Fantastic centrepiece, stage item, for marriages or parties. This pagoda is 13ft x 13ft x 13ft high. Substantial and sturdy structure freestanding, with large upright columns. But designed to be assembled by 1 person in approx 30mins(once in final location) Comes in 10 pieces .. plus decoration. Shown here in standard supply with large palace lantern in the roof (powerful LED light inside) and 4 mini LED lanterns at the corners. Will look fantastic when lit and with additional decoration

Pagoda for Hire .. Chinese Theme Props

Chinese Pagoda Hire for events  at Chinese-Theme-Props.co.uk

Chinese Entrance Archway .. Hire one side used as an Archway

FOR SALE ... £100.00

Enormous Dragon Urn Vase

Standing almost 7ft tall on its plinth this beautiful urn will make a dramatic centre-piece or feature at an entrance or corner. Incorporates a glass liner so you can add a 'fresh' flower or foliage display into the top.The Urn is a Terracotta texture finish, with a large Gold Dragon wrapped around. Manufactured from resin it is light enough for 1 person to lift.

Huge Chinese/Oriental Dragon Urn .. Hire at Chinese Theme Props

Bamboo Flower Vase Displays

Each 1.3M high (4ft 6"). Carved bamboo bases with artificial blossom/orchid flower display. 50% of the flowers are fitted with LED lighting for a fantastic evening/nightime effect

Various Large Chinese Vases

Assorted Chinese styled vases in various sizes
Pair on Wooden Stands Assorted others ..
Tennis ball for scale

Chinese Vases Hire from Chinese Theme Props Chinese Vases Hire from Chinese Theme Props

Chinese Props Hire for TV / Film and events

Huge Chinese Vases Pair

Traditionall decorated with Dragons in both Blue and Red these extra large vases make an imposing statement. On these plints stand 7ft tall (half height plinths available).

Large Chinese Vase Decorated Pair for Hire  chinese-theme-props


Ginger Jar Collection

A set of 10 Ginger Jars of various sizes, ideal decrative items.

Ginger Jars Hire from Chinese-Theme-Props

Japanese Sake Barrels

Red vintage 'coopered' two handled 'Sake' barrels, used mainly for ceremonial events. Each 12" dia by 24" height

Japanese 2 handled ceremonial Sake Barrel .. Chinese Theme Props
Japanese 2 handled ceremonial Sake Barrel .. Chinese Theme Props

Spectacular Entrance Columns

Pair of spectacular entrance/stage/effect columns. 9ft (2.tall .. Manufactured by craftsmen in China
These are a Fibreglass structure with detailed deep plaster decoration. With very heavy bases they will self stand indoors

Free standing chinese columns Stunning plaster work

Side stage for a concert

Bamboo Entrance Feature / Colums

These are 8ft high (to fit any room height) and 20" x 20" cross section .
Can be used with or without the 12ft long jointing section to create an arch. Shown here with small hanging lanterns and bamboo plant within each. Easily adaptable for fixing, hanging or using with a wide variety of our other props for maximum effect (Foo Dogs, Hanging message scrolls etc)
Useful at an entrance or as a feature in locations like stage, food service area etc. 2 colums 1 centre piece (as required)

Bamboo Archway for Chinese / Oriental Themed events for Hire

Chinese Props Hire  Bamboo Food Bar Decorated

Fretwork Panels (Japanese style)

A pair of freestanding traditional fretwork panels. 2.1M height by 0.33M width. Topped with red feature to give japanese 'tori gate' style/effect Very useful in many locations such as door/entrance or stage framing

Fretwork Panel Japanese Style

Japanese Style Fretwork Panel

Briar House Caldbec Hill Battle East Sussex TN330JR
T: 01424775450 M: 07850311202
e mail us for a price list .....info@chinese-theme-props.co.uk

Large Illuminated Welcome Sign

Very Large LightBox Illuminated Welcome sign on wheels. 1.5 x 1.6M
Welcome in Chinese symbols with additional decoration
(6 x 58w Tubes inside)

Chinese Welcome sign

Chinese Food Sign

LED bulb Chinese Food Sign. Very bright ! .. very light and easy to hang over food areas Runs a programme of fade in and out, flashing and build up of message

Chinese Food Sign LED, Very bright

Lion Carried Scrolls
Traditional Scrolls, presented in a traditional way from Lion Heads mounted on top of decorated pillars. Overall Height 6ft
The Scrolls are silk (58" x 18") with Gold embroidered and appliqued traditional messages ... Happy New Year and 'Rise Step by Step'. They hang from the mouths of Lion Heads 18" in diameter mounted on top of 6ft self supporting posts .

Lion Dance Troupe Banner

26 inches diameter by 38" Drop these are beautifully heavy embroidered traditional banners used as part of the parade. Presented here on free standing floor mounted poles 8ft high ... ideal as focal points within the centre as they are to be viewed from 360 degrees

Lion Dance Troop Banner Chinese Parade Banners Hire

Bamboo Plants (Artificial)
6ft high, quality artificial bamboo plants in Black pots

Artificial Bamboo Hire

Bamboo Plants (Real)
10ft-15ft high, bamboo plants in Black 12L pots

Tall Bamboos .. usually approx 12ft high

Individual Bamboo Stems
8ft tall individual black stems with arificial leaves .. useful decorative item for settings or can be arranged in pots

Enormous (High) Artificial Bamboo

This realistic artificial Bamboo is 12ft Tall in sturdy 24" cube matt black base (bamboos come out for ease of transport/set up)

Artyificial Bamboo 12ft high   Chinese Theme Props Chinese Prop Hire ... Tall Bamboo

Bamboo Poles

Bamboo poles of varying lengths/colours (30cm up to 4 Metres) and 2cm- 15cm diameters for all kinds of decorative and practical uses.

Chinese Props Bamboo Poles, Event prop Hire Decoration

... we can design/manufacture Bamboo decoration to order

Bamboo Decoration
Simple decorative features, freestanding 2 off 1.3M high (4ft) x 0.4M dia and Bundle for Bamboo 5x0.6M long poles approx 0.4M overall dia

Bamboo Panels

For a variety of uses. Simply joined with bungees/ cable ties or our authentic Japanese twine to make a screen or fence. Mix and match with open panels below

Each panel 1.8M (6ft) x 1.2M (4ft)
6 currently available

Below also Ideal for hanging (fairly light) or as grids for hanging parasols or lanterns from overhead.

Chinese Prop Hire  Bamboo Frame Chinese Prop Hire Bamboo Frame
Each panel 1.8M (6ft) x 0.91M (3ft) 12 currently available

Bamboo Screens
6ft wide x 7ft high bamboo screens on metal frames on wheels, Ideal for screening those awkward corners. Each with graphic and a coolie hat included

Lion Dance Costume.. Display Item
Full size ( 2 acrobat) spectacular 'Northern' Lion Dance costume with an adjustable internal supporting frame to allow it to be used as a display item. Lion stands on a plinth to give it movement . great as a centrepiece as it can be viewed from all sides.

we also do Lion Dances as a performance with our amazing Chinese Acrobats .. to CD or with live music


2 off available

Bamboo Screens for Hire

Dramatic Tall but Low Cost Table Centres

Available in 3 heights these simple yet impressive table decorations will add to your event.A whopping 55 " Tall (6 off) 40" (7 off) 24" (7 off). The simple black hammered metal frame and base is topped with gold coloured Bamboo, from which hang a variety of super colourful tradional hanging decorations. There are typicall a minimum of 3 variations of decoration for each height, so over 21 tables only 2 or 3 are going to be similar. each base has a gold mirror and there is room to add either further decoration of ours or florals. Even the very tallest of these table centres is very stable and totally safe.

Doesnt come with the wine shown !! this is just to give you some scale on the height of these decorations.

Chinese Table Centre Hire
Chinese Theme Table Centres Hire Chine Theme Decoration Table Centres Hire

Currently 20 in stock, no more available

We can mix and match Table centres with any of our alternatives or decoration elements.

Table Centres or Free Standing Lanterns (29" high)

These fabulous tall intricatly carved and hand painted Palace Lanterns are mounted on solid stands and bases for use as Table Centres or on side or poseur tables. Each Lantern has a discreet but powerful 12 LED battery powered lamp inside (12 hours use)
Added decoration in form of 60cm Plum Blossom Fan and Chopsticks on this version
The bases are flat and ideal for additional decoration when used as table centres, such as flower arrangements (very stable)

Table Decoration Centres for Chinese event ... Hire

Chinese Table Centre Decoration

Currently 16 in stock, no more available

Table Centres

LARGE Gold Laughing Chinese Buddah character. 10" high and just over 12" dia at base (Heavy)
Presented on a 13" dia black mat ... big bold and fun as a centrepiece or singly for other decorative use

Chinese Buddah Table Centres ... Hire

10 currently available

LARGE Red Laughing Chinese Buddah character. 12" high and just over 14" dia at base (Heavy)
... big bold,heavy and fun as a centrepiece or singly for other decorative use

Large Red Resin Buddha Statues Hire

3 off currently available

Table Centres Fan

60cm Diameter Fan, with stand. 100Fu Design, in Black or Red. Available as a Table Centre, presented if required on black 13" dia disc (as for Buddah)

This is an exceptionally low cost table centre at less than £4.00 (hire)

Fans as Table Centres for Oriental / Chinese themed event

Custom Design/Manufacture Table Centres

Ask us about custom table Centres for your event .. we have a range of great ideas, for both small and larger numbers of tables .. to suit most budgets.We prefer to keep some of these ideas off our website

Table Favours

Fantastic low cost table favours
Dragons with bodies that extend to 12" and a pearl in their mouth.
Beautiful Wooden and Paper decorated Fans (many designs) 9-12" diameter.
Lacquered Chopsticks,
Jade Charms ... many designs

All Ideal Table decoration/guest Favours. Guide prices from 90p each (according to quantity)

Table favours .. Chinese / Oriental Chopsticks, Dragons, Jade Charms, Fans

Jade Charms .. on loops, with Lucky Knot

Fortune Cookies

Fortune Cookies, individually wrapped. Can be customised in many ways, printed wrappers and messages inside (minimum quantities may apply)

Fortune Crackers

Pull the rope and it 'cracks' like a cracker. Comes with cracker type gift and 'motto'. Base pops off to let you add your own gifts, tokens and messages
500 currently in Stock

Fabric Pieces

12 squares of heavily embroidered material
each 1M x 1M (2 designs) ... ideal for decoration and cloths for smaller poseur tables

Brocade Tablecloths (XL)

For long Trestle Tables 4 pieces
240cms (8ft) x 338cms (11ft)
2pcs Pink with Gold 1pcs Gold with Pink 1 pcs Yellow Gold with Brown

Large Brocade Tablecloth Hire Large Brocade tablecloth Hire

Large Brocade Tablecloth Hire

Table Runners .... as required, please advise sizes, numbers and preffered colours

Stunning Display Costume ... Wedding Kimono Coat

Absolutely stunning display piece . Traditional Uchikake wedding coat ... heavily embroidered/decorated in traditional style and with padded train. Very heavy and displayed on a stand with special kimono hanger

Wedding kimono Uchikake Display item

Chinese Traditional Hats

A selection of 36 colourful traditional Hats of all sizes and styles, ideal for photo opportunities with costumes (with Rickshaw maybe)

Traditional Chinese Hats .. Hire from Chinese-Theme-Props.co.uk

Oriental Brocade Cushions
36 Pieces
18" square Handmade. 4 different colourways
Pink with Gold 8pcs Yellow Gold with Brown 11pcs
Gold with Pink 8pcs Brown with Yellow Gold 9pcs
All with purple anti slip backing

Woven Oriental Cushions
18 off
Emboidered 18"sq cushion with removable pads. Woven Blue/White on reverse

Embroidered Chinese Cushions

Woven Oriental Cushion Hire

Traditional designs Cushions
14" x 14" Cushions with pads, various colours, Brocade fabric .. Lots of designs
26 available


Decorative Basket (old traditional) .. several levels of trays, comes apart
37cm x 25cm x 45cm

'Stage' Samuri Sword
Authentic looking replica samuri sword, with wooden blade for stage,TV or Film use. Full Size

Double Happiness Sign

Large Double Happiness sign.. Brass over Red Acrylic with chain for single point hanging. (often used at weddings) approx 0.8m x 0.6m x 0.2m

Hire. Double Happiness sign from Chinese Theme Props Hire1

Decorative Panels

22 original decorative panels, each 181cm High (5ft) x 30cm wide (1ft). Beautifully painted cloisonne style with gold raised and coloured infill ... all in 'as new' condition still

Chinese Painted Panels
Cloisonne painted panels

Briar House Caldbec Hill Battle East Sussex TN330JR
T: 01424775450 M: 07850311202
e mail us for a price list .....info@chinese-theme-props.co.uk


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Chinese Screens
Dragon dance Costume
Entrance Foo Dogs
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Rickshaw Hire
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Impact Events


Rickshaw Hire from Chinese Theme Props
Group picture of our Hand Pulled Rickshaws


Hong Kong hand pulled antique Rickshaw (full size) for hire, prop for outside (or sometimes inside) your event. Still in original paint and a new but genuine canopy. 2.7m length. In very good condition but not suitable for transporting guests. Makes a great background item and photo backdrop for all occasions. Complete with original 'license' attached to rear.

Original Hong Kong Rickshaw for hire

Hong Kong Rickshaw Hire UK

Chinese styled hand pulled asian/indian antique Rickshaw (full size) for hire, prop for outside (or sometimes inside) your event. Approx 4ft width x 10ft length x 8ft height. In working order but not recommended for transporting guests. Makes a great background item and photo backdrop

chinese Props Chinese Styled Rickshaw for Hire as prop for events and parties Rickshaw prop for events

Rickshaw Hire for Events, Props

Rickshaw .. Large Japanese Styled (?)
Reproduction. Chinese/Japanese styled hand pulled antique Rickshaw for hire, prop for outside or inside your event. In working order band suitable for limited distance transportation of a person(s). This is a good solid item and would be ideal for photo opprtunites, short distance wedding transport for a bride or Theatre/Panto productions

Chinese Rickshaw Prop Hire

Rickshaw Prop Hire
Outside ShangiLa Hotel ..Photo, Rat and flowers by McQueens Flowers

Smaller Size Hong Kong Style...Chinese Hong kong styled hand pulled antique Rickshaw for hire, prop for outside or inside your event. Approx 2ft width x 7ft length x 4ft height. In working order but not recommended for transporting little guests. The great thing about this is that it will fit through all doors, go in most lifts and can easily be lifted into locations.

Makes a great background item and photo backdrop

Half/Child Sized Rickshaw Half/Child Sized Rickshaw

Hong Kong Rickshaw .. Hire

Parade / Pantomime Rickshaw, single seater full size rickshaw built recently for Parade and Pantomime use .. easy to pull and very well balanced for ease of use. Decorative hood, comfortable seats and flashing LED lights

parade pantomime rickshaw for hire from Chinese Theme Props

Rickshaw Hire ..  Chinese Theme Props Hire Pantomime Rickshaw

Dragon Dance Costume / Prop

This spectacular original costume from China is a huge 60ft+ long.
The head is 4ft x 4ft x 3ft 6". This certainly makes a stunning centrepiece for your theme. Generally for indoor use only. Head available as seperate item Lightweight to hang and looks amazing when lit

Enormous 60ft Long Dragon hanging in reception area for Event

dragon Head on Stand for Hire Hanging Dragon at Saville Gardens 60ft

ShangiLa Hotel Duplex..Bridge and Dragon by CTP,Photo, flowers by McQueens Flowers

Dragon Dance Costumes

Colourful genuine (made in China by traditional craftsmen) Dragon Dance costume. Available as free standing prop (also see large Dragon above) , also rigged for hanging with wires. Circumstances permitting you can fill your ceiling with these
These Costumes are also available for Theatre/Dance companies and schools to hire for productions and events ... It is supplied with 3ft poles for ease of use and shipping.
We have 11 of these .. Seven are 12ft long and for 3-4 persons. 2 are 20ft long and for 4-5 person, one is 40ft long for 9 person

On either we also have the 'pearl' (on 3ft pole) that the Dragon chases for an extra person
9 off currently in stock
2 x GOLD/Red... 3 x RED/Gold .... 1 x BLUE/Silver .... 1 x BLACK/Gold .. 1 x Green/Gold .. 1 x MIXED

Dragon Dance Costume / Prop Hire

Dragon Costume hanging in Marquee

Hanging dragons Decoration

Green Dragon Dance Costume Hire Dragon Dance costume 4 Hire ... Head Detail

Dragon Dance Head with 12ft body/Tail for single dancer (tail is reinforced with fibreglass rod) Only available in colour shown 2 off available

Dragon Dance Costume for Single Operator

Dragon Dance / Parade / Prop Costume

this is a lightweight costume ideal for bothe expreienced and inexperienced handlers to use for either dance, show or parades. Ideal for theatre groups as the head, tail and other key elements are painted with luminous paint colours.

This costume is for 9-10 persons to use
- Spectacular head approx 30" x 242 x 24"
- Articulated tail piece
- pearl
sensibly breaks down into components that will fit into a reasonable sized estate car for easy transport ... too big for courier though, so its collect, us deliver or look at one of our smaller units to hire !
excellent almost new condition

40 ft Dragon Dance Costume to Hire

Luminous painted Dragon Dance Costume Head ... To Hire Dragon dance Costme .. Body   To Hire Moonlight Dragon Costume 40ft ... to Hire

Dragon as Display Prop in Selfridges for Chinese New Year

Very Large 'Parade Dragon Head' (on stand)

A particuarly large and spectacular 'Parade' Dragon Head on a smart pole and display plinth. Standing 7ft tall, by 5ft width and 3ft depth.(see door size for comparison)
Original craftsman made piece from China . We do not have the body piece for this head (see our other Dragons) but do have the 4ft Tail section which may be used for specific effect

Parade Dragon

Lion Dance Costume Hire

Full size head  (approx 30” x 30”)
Body Cloth
2 Pairs ‘trousers' This item is not suitable for smaller children to use .. head is quite big and with body cloth fairly heavy (ok from about 15yrs upwards) . High quality traditional costume made in China by Craftsmen .. with Bamboo framed Paper Mache head

Lion Dance Costume 4 Hire Lion Dance Costume 4 Hire

Lion Dance Costume.. Display Item

Full size ( 2 acrobat) spectacular 'Northern' Lion Dance costume with an adjustable internal supporting frame to allow it to be used as a display item. Hand made in traditional way by Chinese craftsman and imported by ourselves.
Lion stands on a plinth to give it movement . great as a centrepiece as it can be viewed from all sides.
8ft High as shown x 6ft length x 3ft width

Chinese Props  Lion Dance Costume Display piece at a shopping centre. With Parade Flags Display Lion Costume on Plinth
Chinese Props Lion Dance Costume (Prop)

Unicorn Dance Costume Hire

Full size head  (approx 30” x 24 ”)
3M long Body Cloth, highly decorated, Tail and with bells
This item is not suitable for smaller children to use .. ok from about 15yrs upwards) . High quality traditional costume made in China by Craftsmen .. with Bamboo framed Paper Mache head Excellent almost new condition

Oriental Prop Hire



5M x 3M Photobackdrop of the Great Wall of China. On freestanding supports. Covers up difficult areas or fantastic for photo opportunities (with some of our costumes)
Other Backdrops available on request

Exhibition Stand Props and Backdrop

Chinese Theme Exhibition Stand


Lion / Unicorn Head

These beautifully made heads are about 16" diameter and come with a 36" 'tail'. Used in China for decoration or by children to do the Lion dance they make a great decorative item

3 off currently in stock

Lion / Unicorn Craftsman made bamboo and paper mache heads ... Hire Lion Unicorn Chinese Head ... Hire

Lion Heads

2 full size Lion Heads (from or Dance Costumes). Each approx 3ft x 3ft x 3ft. Beautifully made and decorated Bamboo and Papeir Mache by craftsman in China. Shown here on yellow and Black plinths.Available singly or as a pair
2 off currently in stock (only 1 available if you also have static Lion display piece)

Chinese Lion Display Prop Lion Costumefor Hire

Oriental Bridge
Very sturdy wooden construction, designed and built to be used, can be used to bridge a gap of approx 1.6m
Overall size Width (span) 1.83m Depth 0.84m Height 1m

Chinese / Oriental Bridge
Oriental Asian Japanese Bridge for event Hire

Catering / Gifts / Sideshow Cart / Barrow

1 off as shown
Approx 8ft x 4ft. ideal for all sorts of uses at your event. From Catering to sideshow stall. Shown here dressed with 2 6ft artificial bamboo in pots

Chinese Prop Street Cart for Hire

1 off as shown

A narrower/smaller (wheel) barrow that will fit thro most single doors into most locations. 7 compartments on raked top Can be used as market stall, food station or more. Shown here with various dressings for effect. Supplied dressed to your requirements or do your own thing.
190 x 100 x 96cm

Chinese Market Barrow Hire

1 off as shown

LED Uplighters
Modern ultrabright, lightweight and easy to use uplighters to highlight props or create colourwashes and mood lighting at your event. Lights can br programmed individually for any colour, rotating colour programmes or a sound to light effect. Mains powered, but with 'daisy chain' connectors so less wires and minimal sockets required.
Fully adjustable from vertical to horizontal , also can be mounted on stands for stage lighting. Position yourselves or we will assist and advise !

12 usually available

Buddah, Gold Seated

Approx 1m high gold Buddah ... perfect condition, medium weight, metallic finish (NOT stone or Polystyrene).
Buddha .. Chinese Props Hire

Plinth is fully covered in fabric 18" x 30" x 40" high ... with optional red runner
1 off as shown Available

Buddha Heads on Stands

Pair of large Buddha heads on high stands. Ideal to be placed eith side of an entrance or stage area. Total Height 1.85M (6ft)

1 off pair as shown Available

Chinese Street Cycle
Traditional chinese street bicyle .. rideable (but not fully roadworthy)

Chinese Asian Bicycle for Event Hire

Asian Oriental Bicycle Hire Event Prop

Bar / Counter Unit (Disco Booth)

1.9m wide x 0.8M width x 1.2M height. Front panel with 4 antigue original carved insterts each 0.3M x 1M and inset sections of 'black bamboo poles'. Fitted with inside shelf unit.
Comes in sections to be 'easily' assembled on site or for difficult access.
Ideal to be lit from inside, but includes LED strip lighting downlighters on front

Chinese Bar / Counter

Chinese Panel

This wonderfully manufactured panel can be used in a variety of locations, floor standing or hung. Great for indicating depth and distance (as a door) or use as a fake window. (does not open) Size 60" x 26"

Decorative Chinese Fretwork Door Panel ... Hire Chinese Theme Props

Bamboo Cocktail Bar / Desk / Food Station

Cute 1m x 1m x .5m vintage bamboo bar. Kidney shape with footrest. Ideal for a host of uses, reception/information desk, Cocktail Bar or Food station amongst others

Bamboo Bar Hire Lots of storage space behind .. Bamboo Bar

Low Tables
Low red coloured table with black decoration in a traditional Chinese style
Heavily Carved, gold Inlay Table
Opium Tables

Black Low Table, Red with Gold Carved Interior Glass Top
Matt Red Glass Topped Opium Table

Matt Red Glass Topped Opium Table

Bar / Cafe Tables

Bamboo styled 'cafe' tables (no chairs) with 0.6m x 0.6M tops. Currently shown topped by 'baize' but we have black or embroidered chinese cloths and runners to go on top.5 available ... work well with our Stools

Cafe Tables, Chinese Styled
Bamboo Table and Stools


10 off (more available)
Black/Rosewood traditional stool. Drum shaped, seating or display
base 44cm High, Max 42cm Dia

Chinese Oriental Stools Drum Shape

Chinese Rosewood Stools Hire

Alter Style Console Table

Red lacquered Alter Table, original vintage item. Very decorative and dramatic .. natural aged look and not too heavy
140cm x 92cm x 40cm
1 pcs

Chinese Alter Table in Red. For Hire Chinese-Theme-Props

Alter Table in Red with Gong

Oriental Side Table / Stool
8 pcs
30cms square x 43cms high

Chinese Oriental Party Side Table Flower Oriental Side Table for Party

Painted Traditional Chair

Chinese Painted Chair for Hire

Elephant Chair Style Throne

Shoji Screens.

Traditional 'Oriental Screens' ideal for all sorts of purposes
6ft height by 3 panel Shoji Screens. Black framing and white opaque 'paper' insert
20 off currently in stock ... more available

Shoji Screens, Lantyerns, Drapes, painting and more

Blossom covered screens
4 off 6 panel screens with blossom branches and attached flowers. Reversible plain on other side.
2 off 3 panel screens with Chinese symbols. Reversiplain on other side
all 2M high

Blossom Screen


Large Reverse Shoji Screen
2 panels each 8ft x 4ft. White timber frame with 'black' backing for a great visual effect . Panels hinged to fold 'in or out' and can easily be seperated(lift off hinges) for individual use.

Reversed Shoji Sceen Panels

Screens (Black Laquer) Ornate

Black laquered screens for hire.
6ft high x 4 panels of 18" width. Heavy 'shell' surface (3D) decoration on one side, gold painted figuring on reverse. Brass feet and fittings Weight 30kgs each

Small Black Screen .. 2 panel folding
- approx 3ft x 3ft when open

Smaller 2 panel screen

Free Standing Appliqued Drapes
(can also be supplied without stands for hanging)

2 off free standing red 'silk' drapes 8ft+ high x 44 " wide with 'appliqued message in Gold
Footprint 44" " x 12" ..

2 off free standing red 'silk' drapes 8ft+ high x 44 " wide with 'appliqued message in Black
Footprint 44" " x 12" ..

1 off free standing red 'silk' drape 8ft - 14ft (unrolls) high x 60 " wide with 'appliqued message in Black
Footprint 60 " x 12" .

Free Standing Appliqued Drapes for Chinese / Oriental themed events ... Hire Chinese Props Hire  red and Black Banners, from a selection of freestanding or hung.

Free Standing applique Drape ... adjustable height

2 off free standing red 'silk' drapes 7ft high x 30" wide with 'appliqued message in silver.
Footprint 30" x 12" .
Chinese Applique Drapes for Hire

Hanging Drape/Painting
Fantastic 12ft long by 3ft wide hand painted ..ideal for hanging and terrific when lit

Hanging Banner

A sumptuous 6ft 6" x 3ft banner, heavy velvet and silk embroidery/applique ,reflective threads and sequines. Mounted on a thick bamboo pole (9ft) for hanging
Made by hand in the far east

Dragon Banner Hire

Dragon Banner Hire

Vintage Hanging Decoration Scroll .. with wood panelsand heavy detailing. Approx each 7ft length x 15" width

vintage Scroll Decoration Hire

Hanging Message Scrolls

Silk with Gold applique script. Black and gold bars top and boottom with ornate braid for hanging 48" x 15"
Happy New Year Message .. 2 off currently in stock
Other Messages .. 2 off currently in stock

Hand Painted Hangings
15" x 48" 2 off in stock (more available)

Hand Painted Hanging Scrolls HIRE

Luxury Textured Scrolls

Long Embossed Scroll 260cm x 50cm 1 pair available

Single Scrolls 110cm x 60cm 1 off available
Single Scrolls 140cm x 100cm 1 off available

Embossed Scroll 100cm x 60cm 1 pair available
Long Embossed Scroll 140cm x 25cm 1 pair available

Embossed Scroll 140cm x 20cm 3 pair available
Embossed Scroll 110cm x 30cm 1 pair available

Assorted Other Scrolls in stock

Flags Decoration

3 off ..... 6ft x 3ft Flags on a 10ft Bamboo Pole

Chinese Flags Props Hire

KOI Kite .. for hanging ENORMOUS !!

this traditionally made and brightly painted kite from a named artist in China in the form of a Koi Carp is a huge 2M long with a 2M 'finspan' and makes a dramatic piece for hanging. Designed to fly and therefore very light it is easy to rig

Just the 1 off in stock

Chinese Prop Hire

we also have a 60ft long Dragon Kite, with 110 individually hand painted sections (Chinese Warriors). Also available for hanging .. very light and fragile, but dramatic

Dragon Kite Hire

Traditional highly decorative 'Weifang' hand painted silk on bamboo kites. Can be wall hung or rigged to be flown overhead (very light of course !) make a great original decoration for big and small venues.

As shown here
HUGE 72" x 72" Hand Painted Butterfly

36" x 36" Butterfly and Phoenix
also 48" Phoenix

Large Chinese Decorative hand painted Kite .. Hire for themed events

Large Chinese Decorative hand painted Kite .. Hire for themed events

Kites to hire for Themed Events


Mahjong Set Games .. Large Mahjong Set in Bamboo and bone very high quality

Oriental Themed Dominos .. bone and brass

Fortune Telling Sticks and Interpretation Information

Chinese Chequers 12" x 12" in ornate box

TicTacToe 9" x 9" in ornate Box

Also Available .. Chinese Chess (pic coming soon)

Street Signs

Street signs (not originals) mounted on stiff card

Chinese Symbol Sign

Large plasic signs ..Ones says NEW and the other TREASURE .. useful decorative item

Tea Light Lanterns

Variety of Tea Light Lanterns in different designs / sizes and Quantities.
For outdoor use

Tea Light Lanterns Hire

Large T Light Holders

Bamboo T light holders 100mm x 100mm . will accept standard T lights (35mm) as shown alongside or better still the 9 hour burn 70mm T lights. Very stable and solid items made from thick bamboo stems, ideal for lining pathways, steps or walls

Shown with and include the 70mm large T Light candles

Bamboo Tea Light Holders for Chinese and Oriental Theme Events ... www.chinese-theme-props.co.uk

40 in stock, more available


We have a good number of drapery panels and lengths to suit in a variety of sizes and colours.

Rice Sacks

4 Vintage Rice sacks 100lbs size
Tolley Boy Branded
packed and weighted (sawdust) to look/feel as if filled with Rice

4 x 100Lbs Rice Sacks

2 x Chinese Peanut Sacks

Peanut sacks

Ethnic Baskets Carriers (Rice and Fruit)

Various stles, shapes and sizes in attractive style. 0.6M diameter and smaller.
supplied 'empty' or filled with vegetables/fruit or Rice (2 shown here with Rice, 1 with Lentils)

Traditional Carrier for Rice/Fruit and provisions

This traditional bamboo carrier can be used as a prop of for service at your event. Carrying bamboo split pole i s 7ft long with baskets suspended 3ft below by traditional bamboo twine and split bamboo
With 'flat' baskets to make it practical if used for service such as canapes

1 off currently in stock (more available)

Bamboo Fruit Pickers Baskets

Traditional vintage fruit pickers baskets .. approx 2" x 12"
Ideal for food service and presentation

Bamboo Frit Baskets  Chinese Props Hire

Chinese Pagoda Hire

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